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  • Claire Gaydon


    Claire Gaydon is a writer and performer creating research-driven shows that explore our relationship with technology and the narcissism of contemporary culture – its allure and its consequences. Her work is political, playful and experiments with meta narratives that blend autobiography with fiction.

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    Joseph Brett
    Claire Gaydon presents

    Piece of Me

    Tue 21 May - Sat 1 Jun at 7pm
    Ever feel like you’re being watched? You probably are, bitch. This Britney-inspired show examines surveillance ethics and the cult of celebrity with an original soundtrack that fizzes with nostalgia.

    Blog Posts by Claire Gaydon

    A woman and two men pose in a triangle formation in an empty school playground with various chalk markings on the ground.
    Posted: 30-04-2024 Tag: artist blogs

    Why should we care about privacy?

    Claire Gaydon, writer and one of the performers in Piece of Me - a Britney-inspired comedy exploring surveillance ethics - meets with policy and campaigns manager Emmanuelle Andrews from Liberty to talk about CCTV, facial recognition, and why we should care about what happens to our data.

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