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    CRIPtic Arts is a disabled-led creative hub bringing disabled creatives to stages around the UK. We produce work that is intimate and urgent: bold, feisty, vulnerable and darkly comedic. Previous shows include the award-winning NOT DYING (Barbican 2019, HOME Manchester 2022), The CRIPtic Showcase (2019 and 2021) (Barbican 2019 and 2021), CRIP Cabaret. (HOME Manchester, 2022), and Self & Other (HOME Manchester, 2024)

    Jamie Hale is a disabled writer, curator and director. They wrote and performed in the award-winning NOT DYING, as well as I Want To Live (Theatre Royal Stratford East), and directed the CRIPtic Showcase & CRIPtic Cabaret. They created and curated The Crip Monologues.

    Hayleigh Morrow is a writer based in the west coast of Scotland. Her debut novel, Girl of the Ashes, was published in 2020. She feels passionate about promoting disability-led stories.

    Sonera Theo Angel is a nonbinary, mixed race, disabled actor and writer. Their work focuses on the line between identities and how people who are “a bit of both” can find their communities. 

    Simone Roach is Jamaican-British and has spent most of her life living in the Netherlands. Simone writes about her experiences as a Black, Disabled, queer woman. She continues to fight for awareness of Disability culture, heritage, history, and pride. 

    Emily Brenchi is a 32-year-old disabled writer & actor who is interested in exploring ideas around disability and the body. Her poems feature in places such as the Anthology of Illness and Wordgathering.

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    CRIPtic Arts
    CRIPtic Arts presents

    The Crip Monologues

    Mon 27 - Tue 28 May at 7.15pm
    From Jamie Hale, with Hayleigh Morrow, Sonera Theo Angel, Emily Brenchi, and Simone Roach, The Crip Monologues explores disability, scrutiny, intimacy, and the reclamatory power of choosing to stare back.

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