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    Fri 2 - Sat 3 Aug 9pm
    Tickets £12
    THE WOMB. This is a place where no one knows the address, but everyone knows how to get there.

     This is a place where no one knows what it is, but everyone is familiar with it. This is a place where no one knows if it’s real, but everyone knows what they feel is real. Maybe not everyone, but every woman. Women come here to forget. But can they? Can they forget the things that made them end up in this place?

    The Womb is an absurd play about the absurd things that women have been going through since the beginning of the world. Witty, fast-paced dialogue, original techno-atmospheric music, and three lost women in a place they can never ever leave... Be prepared to laugh at how utterly ridiculous this play is, and think maybe the world of The Womb and the world we live in might not be that far apart after all!

    Written by Aylin Rodoplu
    Directed by Elise Xiaqi Eriksen
    Performed by Aylin Rodoplu, Tara Mcmillan, Gabriela Mahé
    Music Composed by Aylin Rodoplu


    Content Notice
    Running Time 45 mins
    Wheelchair Accessible
    Wheelchair Accessible
    Assistance dogs welcome
    Assistance dogs welcome
    Content Notice
    Content NoticeAllusions and depictions of misogyny, sexual abuse, abortion, suicide, childbirth, and trauma.
    Health Notice
    Health NoticeFlashing lights

    "Hats off to the CPT for this fine show, well researched and coming from a place of great passion... Comm­unity theatre at its most effective."

    Camden New Journal (Human Jam)