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    Hannah Ballou presents


    Tue 24 May - Sat 11 June on demand
    Tickets PWYC
    Raunchy feminist comedy from a very pregnant Hannah Ballou, who finds out her baby has much bigger problems than the binary gender paradigm.

    Content Notice
    Running Time 60 minutes
    Audio Description
    Audio Description
    Content Notice
    Content NoticeFetal illness (specifically a congenital heart anomaly) is a major theme of the work, which was filmed when the performer did not what would be the outcome of her pregnancy.
    Health Notice
    Health NoticeContains nudity and references to fetal illness.

    In 2016, Hannah Ballou made the first incarnation of goo:ga, a live art comedy show when she was 8 months pregnant with her first child. Five years later, Ballou is expecting her second. The biological process is the same, but everything else could not be more different; her 5-year-old wants in on the action, one co-star is in an urn, she’s haunted by the ghosts of miscarriages past, and honestly she just cannot get as worked up about kid number two. goo:ga has fun with the impossibility of re-performing old work even though you really should try to give your second child everything you gave your first. It’s a cross between Ali Wong’s Hard Knock Wife and Ursula Martinez’ A Family Outing- 20 Years On.

    (Warning: goo:ga contains salty language, naked preggos, erstwhile animals, dodgy child acting, ironic pelvic movement, ukulele feminism, four minutes of literally nothing happening, and themes of fetal illness.)

    Click here for trailer 

    To find out what happened to the baby after the film was made and to donate to Great Ormond Street Hospital please click here for the link to the epilogue

    Supported by Kingston University, The Rose Theatre, and the Society for Theatre Research

    Tickets for goo:ga

    Tue 24 May, 12:00
    Wed 25 May, 12:00
    Thu 26 May, 12:00
    Fri 27 May, 12:00
    Sat 28 May, 12:00
    Sun 29 May, 12:00
    Mon 30 May, 12:00
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    Fri 10 Jun, 12:00
    Sat 11 Jun, 12:00

    "Welcoming, inclusive, creative and life-affirming. I have learnt a lot myself in so many ways that will seep into all parts of my life. My self-confidence has massively increased"

    Human Jam participant