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  • ClusterFlux presents

    Just in case, god forbid, you get run over, someone new can come in and take over

    Tue 11 Apr - Wed 12 Apr, 9 pm
    Tickets £8 - 12
    ClusterFlux go back to work. Back to the office, to put their heads down and stop dreaming but what magic can be found when they let their minds wander?

    Content Notice
    Running Time 50 mins
    Wheelchair Accessible
    Wheelchair Accessible
    Assistance dogs welcome
    Assistance dogs welcome
    Content Notice
    Content NoticeSuitable for 12+
    Health Notice
    Health NoticeSmoke/fog/haze,Flashing Lights,Loud Noises,Visual Effects (glitter curtains etc),Food/Drinks consumed by performers,Food/Drinks given to audience members

    It’s 2023 and ClusterFlux have returned to the office. We’re ready to get to work, put our heads down and stop dreaming. Stop dreaming about what could have been, or who we could have been. We’re ready to clock in and clock out and not spare a minute in-between.
    So, we’ve fired up the printer, the weekly meeting is being called in the conference room, it’s someone’s birthday and shit is about to hit the fan. As chaos descends, as distractions take us off course, the magic really starts to happen. And by magic we really do mean magic.

    Taking the structure of a well-made-play set in an office and unravelling it with magic tricks, dance routines and physical performance, ClusterFlux examine the rhetoric of neo-liberal productivity culture and what creativity and magic can be found in the gaps of production.

    In a society where progress is measured by productivity, where minutes are monetised and our value amounts to our utility, what happens when we let the mind wander?

    This project has been supported by ArtsDepot and London Performance Studios.

    "ClusterFlux are a new company alert to the important stories of our time. Fearless, heart-felt and entertaining all at once."
    Jack Lowe (Curious Directive)
    "Slick, contemporary and formally bold, with a real knack for getting under the skin. I can’t wait to keep watching."
    Sam Ward (YESYESNONO) on previous work

    "CPT is a force for good... We as a community need this desperately at this time."

    Local resident