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    BÉZNĂ Theatre presents

    Wipe These Tears

    Tue 11 Oct - Sat 22 Oct at 7pm
    Tickets £11 (£10)
    A bouquet of flesh flowers melted into each other // Hand to hand // Face to shoulder // Chemical unification of skins wipe these tears is a world premiere from British-Romanian BÉZNĂ Theatre.

    Content Notice
    Running Time 80 minutes
    Wheelchair Accessible
    Wheelchair Accessible
    Assistance dogs
    Assistance dogs
    Content Notice
    Content NoticeDepiction of war, genocide, torture, Islamophobia (including racist terms), detention, child abuse, suicide; Brief mention of sexual violence; Descriptions of war and wounds. Suitable for16+
    Health Notice
    Health NoticeLoud noises, Food/drinks

    Miss said that in history we don’t take sides and we have to be objective.

    A primary school in the UK today, maybe in the Midlands, reports a pupil believed to be harbouring anti-British sentiments to the police. 1842, the remnants of the East India Company army retreats from Kabul to British India. A woman searches for her husband on the Highway of Death, Iraq, 1991. A young businessman celebrates signing a reconstruction contract in post-war Kabul.

    A bouquet of flesh flowers melted into each other
    Hand to hand
    Face to shoulder
    Chemical unification of skins

    wipe these tears is the second instalment in our protest cycle: a series of plays denouncing the British State’s dehumanisation, exploitation & murder from colonial times to today. It’s the result of interviews with over 90 individuals including survivors of UK-backed wars & torture from Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Syria, Palestine & Guantanámo Bay; ex-service people deployed in Afghanistan, Gaza, Iraq, Somalia & the 1st Gulf War; clinical psychologists specialising in torture & war crimes; surgeons & paramedics working in war-zones & the UK’s leading anti-war, anti-Islamophobia, state crime & colonial studies academics & activists.

    It’s female & BME-led, the cast of which will comprise entirely of working class & BME women representing their communities, languages & cultures on stage.


    Click here to watch the trailer

    Commissioned by Camden People’s Theatre, Supported by Arts Council England, International State Crime Initiative, Shadow World Investigations & British Council.

    Commissioned by CPT

    Tickets for Wipe These Tears

    Tue 11 Oct, 19:00
    Wed 12 Oct, 19:00
    Thu 13 Oct, 19:00
    Fri 14 Oct, 19:00
    Sat 15 Oct, 19:00
    Tue 18 Oct, 19:00
    Wed 19 Oct, 19:00
    Thu 20 Oct, 19:00
    Fri 21 Oct, 19:00
    Sat 22 Oct, 19:00
    "Illegalised will disturb you deeply, and that is a good thing."
    Jacek Szymanski, The Socialist Worker on ILLEGALISED
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    Jessica Battison, North West End on ILLEGALISED
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    Peter Lathan, British Theatre Guide on ILLEGALISED
    "Illegalised packed all its issues into an engaging ninety minutes, fuelled by humanitarian rage and despair."
    Nicola Owen, NARC on ILLEGALISED

    "A great local theatre making a massive difference to the local community."

    Councillor Jonathan Simpson Camden Council