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    Tolstoy Tried to Kill my Girlfriend

    Thu 21 - Sun 26 Jun at 7.15pm (Sat 26 Jun at 2pm)
    Tickets £12 (£10)
    Pajoda T.C. presents Tolstoy Tried to Kill My Girlfriend by Ezra Harker-Shaw, an exciting play by an exciting new writer.

    Content Notice
    Running Time 120 minutes
    Content Notice
    Content NoticeThe company do not believe there is any content to consider, please email FOH@cptheatre.co.uk if you have any specific concerns
    Health Notice
    Health NoticeNone

    Our hero, the writer Heath wakes with a hangover and doesn't recognise where he is. Just as he's trying to work things out someone crashes into the room and begins to berate him. It's Deacon, one of his characters! They don't like the way their story is going! A debate ensues, and each antagonist calls on their literary heroes to help. These include Tolstoy and Virginia Woolf!


    Tickets for Tolstoy Tried to Kill my Girlfriend

    Tue 21 Jun, 19:15
    Wed 22 Jun, 19:15
    Thu 23 Jun, 19:15
    Fri 24 Jun, 19:15
    Sat 25 Jun, 14:00
    Sat 25 Jun, 19:15

    "The seed commission has made me feel supported, not just as an artist but also a woman of colour whose story needs to be heard."

    CPT Commissioned Artist