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    POP POP POP: Till you stop!

    Thu 1st Sept at 5pm & 7pm, Fri 2nd Sept at 7pm & 9pm
    Tickets Pay What You Can
    ‘Pop pop pop’ explores the constant struggle of being overstimulated yet being stuck in the repetitive loop we call modern life.

    Content Notice
    Running Time 65 minutes
    Content Notice
    Content NoticeMisophonia
    Health Notice
    Health NoticeFlashing Lights, Strobe, Haze, Loud Noise, Food (Popcorn)

    Alone, not lonely. Overstimulated, yet numbed. Tangled in a reparative loop of existence when there is no way out. The show ‘POP POP POP: Till You Stop!’, explores the relationship, similarity and contrast between the external stimuli and the inner turmoil of our unknown longing. The piece asks the hard hitting questions of: What happens when monotony becomes intriguing? How many kernels does it take to fill a room? And, how long can you stay with your own mind?

    Grab yourself a bag of popcorn or two, lay down with us and enjoy the enfolding, raw experience of the unsettling circled journey that might never end…
    This performance is part of Form(at) Festival: 2022 | Back in the Room, celebrating work made by students on MA:ATP (Advanced Theatre Practice) at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.

    Tickets for POP POP POP: Till you stop!

    Thu 01 Sep, 17:00
    Thu 01 Sep, 19:00
    Fri 02 Sep, 19:00
    Fri 02 Sep, 21:00

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