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  • My Chat With Harold Pinter

    Thu 25 Jul 7.15pm, Fri 26 Jul 9pm, Sat 27 Jul 7.15pm
    Tickets £8 - £12
    When Jen asks Harold Pinter for help with her play, she’s hoping for straight answers. A new play about finding your own voice, special interests, neurodivergence, and a squirrel.

    What do you do when your neurodivergent brain isn’t playing ball? It would rather replay negative tweets and past traumas. Jen has decided the only way forward is to ask Harold Pinter for help – her play won’t write itself. The only problem is Pinter doesn’t play ball either, he much prefers cricket. Can Jen make this collaboration work and find some ND joy in the process? And while we’re at it, is Pinter a feminist and what on earth is gender anyway?

    A new unmasked play from the brain of Miriam Higgins featuring Harold Pinter (sort of).

    Content Notice
    Running Time 55 mins
    Wheelchair Accessible
    Wheelchair Accessible
    Assistance dogs welcome
    Assistance dogs welcome
    Content Notice
    Content NoticeContains swearing, themes of sexual assault and descussion of self-harm
    Health Notice
    Health NoticeLoud Noises
    "Funny and wise, touching and intelligent, Miriam Higgins’ playful play is a breath of fresh air. Highly recommended."
    Harry Burton (Actor, Director)
    "Somehow [Higgins] managed to catch Tom Stoppard while sleeping and reached in to the darker side of his imagination"
    Henley Review for MERCUTIO AND TYBALT (2017)
    "This cleverly written and ambitious play will have you pondering about the nature of reality and the dividing line between it and fantasy"
    Buxton Fringe for DREAMSCAPE (2018)

    Tickets for My Chat With Harold Pinter

    Thu 25 Jul, 19:15
    Fri 26 Jul, 21:00
    Sat 27 Jul, 19:15

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