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    Love is Just a Thing with Feelings

    Tue 1 - Thu 3 Mar at 9pm
    Tickets £12 (£10)
    A queer romantic comedy written with a robot

    Content Notice
    Running Time 50 minutes
    Content Notice
    Content NoticeThe company do not believe there is any content to consider, please email FOH@cptheatre.co.uk if you have any specific concerns
    Health Notice
    Health NoticeFlashing lights, Loud noise

    Rom-coms are strange things.  They’re often our go-to watch for comfort viewing and we like how they make us feel all gooey inside.  However they are in many ways deeply problematic.  It was this conflict that led to the creation of Love is Just a Thing with Feelings, a queer rom-com written using Artificial Intelligence.

    A is a receptionist at The Lighthouse hotel.  B is its owner.  A chance encounter begins a passionate love affair.  But how long can it last?

    Created by feeding the scripts of over 50 rom-coms into text-generating Artificial Intelligence software, Love is Just a Thing with Feelings is a love letter to and takedown of the romantic comedy genre.  Expect: meet-cutes, self-indulgent dance numbers, and running up fifth avenue in the middle of a lightning storm.  This is: Love is Just a Thing with Feelings.

    "...beautifully directed by William Byam Shaw… Shaw’s sense of pace and understanding of structure are excellent"
    All Edinburgh Theatre
    "..the play touches on incredibly wounding topics, but does so brilliantly and with startling sensitivity."
    Young Perspective
    "...The production fizzes with talent… the stage thrillingly transforms from a neatly mysterious apartment into a wild and sometimes inhospitable nightlife."
    Musings In Intermissions

    "Hats off to the CPT for this fine show, well researched and coming from a place of great passion... Comm­unity theatre at its most effective."

    Camden New Journal (Human Jam)