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    Tom Adams presents


    Mon 23 May - Tue 21 June on demand
    Tickets Pay What You Can (£0/£5/£10)
    George is a 30 minute audio experience with songs. Inspired by Tom’s memories as a young boy, George tells the story of a guide dog on the brink of retirement.

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    Running Time 30 minutes
    Content Notice
    Content NoticeThe company do not believe there is any content to consider, please email foh@cptheatre.co.uk if you have any specific concerns
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    Health NoticeThe company does not believe their are any health notices - the shows are still in creation, so please check back if you have concerns

    George is a 30 minute audio experience with songs. It is about about guide dogs and their relationship with their companions.

    'Who guides the guide dog?'

    Inspired by Tom’s memories as a young boy, witnessing his Uncle who is blind and the amazing teamwork between man and dog, George tells the story of a guide dog on the brink of retirement.

    Recorded live with an audience of two in the Stevenage living room of Siobhan Meade, who is registered blind, with her guide dog, Marty, curled up at her feet and filling Siobhan’s lounge with performers, musical instruments and harmonies, it uses songs and binaural recording to make you feel as if you are in the room.

    If you listen carefully, you can hear the occasional snuffling of Marty and now and again the odd bit of snoring.

    Download and listen to George in your own time.

    We advise that the most appropriate way to hear George is on your best headphones, sitting in your most comfortable chair at the golden time of dusk.


    Supported by Arts Council England and Camden People's Theatre

    Tickets for George

    Mon 23 May, 10:00
    Tue 24 May, 10:00
    Wed 25 May, 10:00
    Thu 26 May, 10:00
    Fri 27 May, 10:00
    Sat 28 May, 10:00
    Sun 29 May, 10:00
    Mon 30 May, 10:00
    Tue 31 May, 10:00
    Wed 01 Jun, 10:00
    Thu 02 Jun, 10:00
    Fri 03 Jun, 10:00
    Sat 04 Jun, 10:00
    Sun 05 Jun, 10:00
    Mon 06 Jun, 10:00
    Tue 07 Jun, 10:00
    Wed 08 Jun, 10:00
    Thu 09 Jun, 10:00
    Fri 10 Jun, 10:00
    Sat 11 Jun, 10:00
    Sun 12 Jun, 10:00
    Mon 13 Jun, 10:00
    Tue 14 Jun, 10:00
    Wed 15 Jun, 10:00
    Thu 16 Jun, 10:00
    Fri 17 Jun, 10:00
    Sat 18 Jun, 10:00
    Sun 19 Jun, 10:00
    Mon 20 Jun, 10:00
    Tue 21 Jun, 10:00
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