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    English Kings (A Showbiz Comedy)

    Spring 2024
    Tickets Not yet on sale
    This project is the recipient of CPT's 2023 Home Run Commission and is led by Nina Bowers and Philip Arditti. Due to premiere in Autumn 2023.

    An infamous production of Shakespeare's Henry V 
    The death of a national sweetheart.
     A friendship tested by a bloody act.

    This tell-all dark Comedy peels back the skin of English cultural identity revealing the steaming battlefield that lies beneath….
    Would you die for your country?

    Veterans of the Shakespeare’s Globe Ensemble, Nina Bowers and Philip Arditti, take us from rehearsal room microaggressions, to the battlefields of France, into the bureaucracy of applying for citizenship, weaving in their own histories with England’s as unwilling actors in a national story. 

    Home Run is made possible thanks to the generous support of the Paul Hamlyn Foundation and is designed to support artists at a pivotal point in their careers to transition an idea from work-in-progress to a substantial run of a full production.

    Commissioned by CPT
    Home Run
    Commissioned by ODAC

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