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  • Jules Chan presents

    English Ako

    Sat 27th Jul at 9pm and Sun 28th Jul at 7:15pm
    Tickets £12.50
    A solo sharing of finding identity in between cultures and how the migrant experience is often defined within the survival and sacrifice of ourselves to adopt another culture.

    A migrant boy searches for a grip in his identity, born in Manila, raised in England. We watch his journey into adulthood as he battles between his Asian-ness and Britishness, seeking acceptance and a place he can call home.

    “Why can’t I be both? 
    Both British and Asian? 
    Both are important, both are beautiful, both are a part of who I am”.

    We see the challenges of the model minority trope, the search for self beyond the East Asian stereotype, and how the migrant experience is often defined within the survival and sacrifice of our heritage to adopt another culture, another identity.


    Supported by Kanlungan

    Content Notice
    Running Time 60 mins
    Wheelchair Accessible
    Wheelchair Accessible
    Assistance dogs welcome
    Assistance dogs welcome
    Content Notice
    Content Noticementions of mental health & moments of sexual nature
    "I think the perspective of a young(... )boy navigating masculinity, Englishness, and Asianness existing in a liminal space where belonging is always in question is also deeply resonant and personal..."
    "It's very moving. To me, it reads as a sustained meditation on the way a person comes into being... all the forces that shape a person, and how confusing it is to try and hold all these things in one's head."

    Tickets for English Ako

    Sat 27 Jul, 21:00
    Sun 28 Jul, 19:15

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