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    Tue 14 - Wed 15 May at 7.15pm
    Tickets £8 - £12 (+ booking fee)
    Shuyan is your typical Chinese student– smart, hardworking, filial but uninspired and with mountain-high expectations. With a perfect life track record, she is bound to breakthrough something beyond your imagination.

    Content Notice
    Running Time 60 minutes
    Wheelchair Accessible
    Wheelchair Accessible
    Assistance dogs welcome
    Assistance dogs welcome
    Content Notice
    Content NoticeThemes of depression
    Health Notice
    Health NoticeStrobe, loud noises and food/drinks consumed on stage

    Shuyan is your typical Chinese single child in her early 20s – privileged, but under mountain-high expectations, book smart but feeling uninspired. Everything falls apart when Shuyan struggles to finish her PhD application. Confronted by her parents’ big existential question- ‘What do you really want?’ she chose to run away from home and hide elsewhere. Can she find her answers there?

    Combining elements of shadow puppetry, dark fairytales, comedy and magical realism, Elsewhere在别处 is a quirky, sometimes comical, sometimes touching show about an individual’s search for purpose in the backdrop of the world’s second superpower: China. 

    PRODUCED by Out of the Blue Theatre Company
    WRITTEN & PERFORMED by Haylin Cai
    CO-DIRECTOR: Robin Khor
    PRODUCERS: Amy Sze and Maki Li
    STAGE MANAGER: Camila Hoyos Stuttle
    PUPPETRY CONSULTANT: Fagner Gastaldon
    SCENOGRAPHER: Agnes Yeung

    With the help of Christie Zhao, Marian Lee, Yang Bai, Amy Gwilliam, Marcos Brito, Saveriano Paoli and Purple Moon Drama Project Platform

    "A deeply personal journey of a human soul in a compromising world."
    Audience feedback
    "Playful, Fun, Complex and Nuance"
    Audience feedback
    "The changing of scenes are very dynamic. I felt like I have been taken on a journey with honesty"
    Audience feedback
    "It's brilliantly directed! It's brilliantly written"
    Audience feedback

    "The seed commission has made me feel supported, not just as an artist but also a woman of colour whose story needs to be heard."

    CPT Commissioned Artist