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    Cute But Psycho

    Thu 20 Oct - Fri 21 Oct at 9pm
    Tickets £8 (work-in-progress)
    Exploring the magnetic beauty and mind-altering struggle of psychosis, Cute But Psycho asks what happens when spiritual awakening and mental illness collide with the medical approach to recovery.

    Content Notice
    Running Time 50 minutes
    Wheelchair Accessible
    Wheelchair Accessible
    Assistance dogs
    Assistance dogs
    Content Notice
    Content NoticeContains reference to and themes of depression, psychosis, suicidal thoughts. Suitable for 16+

    Cute But Psycho sits somewhere between a piece of autobiographical Performance Art, a low-budget Musical, and a Hallucinogenic Disco. Exploring the magnetic beauty and the mind-altering struggle of psychosis, Cute But Psycho asks what happens when a spiritual awakening and mental illness collide with an approach to recovery dominated by the medical model.

    A comedic, story-led piece littered with original songs, precise yet peculiar dance routines, and an abundance of characters to lead you through a personal account that seeks to answer what we can take from such a collision. Expect a show that is as exposing and messy as it is fun and ridiculous.

    Cute But Psycho is written and created by Katherine Vince, based on her own experience, with devising input from Paul Andrew Goldsmith, and produced by their company Twisted Reality Productions.

    Tickets for Cute But Psycho

    Thu 20 Oct, 21:00
    Fri 21 Oct, 21:00
    "Vince’s performances are both versatile and compelling"
    THE REVIEWS HUB on Balancing Acts
    "Vince is a dedicated and fluid performer, who allows the audience to seamlessly enter into the world of each individual, as she interprets their testimony."
    "It is through Vince’s bodily performance that we experience the balancer’s behaviour, reactions and the unsaid"
    DISABILITY ARTS ONLINE on Balancing Acts
    "Vince is engrossed in her performance from the beginning, and really makes this piece what it is. She is effortless, and takes on each new individual’s story effectively through her physicality... This piece is honest, open and well executed. Vince as a p"
    LONDON THEATRE 1 on Balancing Acts

    "Welcoming, inclusive, creative and life-affirming. I have learnt a lot myself in so many ways that will seep into all parts of my life. My self-confidence has massively increased"

    Human Jam participant