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    Chloe Borthwick presents

    Christ Alive!

    Fri 3 Jun at 9pm
    Tickets £8 (work-in-progress)
    An unforgettable encounter with the son of God. Neither he nor we know why he is here. What miracles will be bestowed upon this audience? Crazy holy good.

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    Running Time 40 minutes
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    Content NoticeThe company do not believe there is any content to consider, please email foh@cptheatre.co.uk if you have any specific concerns
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    Health NoticeHaze, Food

    Christ Alive! is a miraculous encounter with the son of God. The power of comedy music drama compels you.

    Jesus wakes up on stage and doesn’t know why he’s here. He tries to remember what brought him back and what happened in the three days he was dead. He interacts with everyone, including the lighting technician, of whom he grows particularly fond and names Simon. Jesus and Simon work spectacularly with each other to tell the perfect story to the people. Simon descends a spotlight onto Jesus as he sayeth us the Truth, and Jesus knows exactly where to stand to be fully in his light.

    Not everything is as it seems. This show is less about Jesus, more about faith, love, and expectation. Jesus shows us that miracles can be actualised with simple belief, the glory of song, and a perfectly executed punchline. Crazy holy good.

    Tickets for Christ Alive!

    Fri 03 Jun, 21:00

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    Lyn Gardner Stagedoor