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    At Upstart Theatre, our mission is to help people reimagine the world by making theatre playable. We create and support playable theatre – live performance which gives the audience the leading role, in order to imagine how we can change the world together.

    We make our own live shows (both in live venues and online); we run co-creation projects with communities; we support emerging artists to learn about Playable Theatre; and we take our work beyond the theatre by making digital and physical games.

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    Photo by Stefan Semandov / MOT Festival Skopje
    Upstart Theatre presents

    Red Planet: Revolution

    Tue 31 Oct - Sat 4 Nov at 9pm
    Congratulations, citizens! You’ve been chosen to lead the people of Mars into a new and brighter future. Your decisions will shape our planet for generations to come. No pressure...

    Blog Posts by Upstart Theatre

    A young person with dark hair talks excitedly into a microphone.
    Posted: 05-10-2023 Tag: artist blogs

    How games can save the world (maybe)

    Is our way of talking about politics broken? And what can games to do to help fix it? Red Planet: Revolution director Tom Mansfield shares Upstart Theatre’s vision for using play and imagination to help rethink things right here on earth.

    "The seed commission has made me feel supported, not just as an artist but also a woman of colour whose story needs to be heard."

    CPT Commissioned Artist