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    Secretariat is a double-act making new theatre, using our mutual love of comedy to explore the dark corners of history, politics, and ourselves - think Brecht meets Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers on a Discord server. We aim to follow the only rule of clown: Don’t Be Boring.


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    Hughie Stanley
    Secretariat presents


    Fri 3 Jun - Sat 4 Jun at 7.15pm
    1487, Germany. Heinrich and Jacob are monks, bestselling authors and witch-hunters. They're also incels and sometimes they're Jordan B Peterson. HEXENHAMMER. An evil and medieval double-act about monks, misogyny and the manosphere.

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    "Companies like us genuinely would not be making theatre if it was not for the ability of CPT and its team to identify artists who are worth taking a chance on."

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