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  • Sana El-Wakili


    Sana is a multidisciplinary artist based in london. She's British born and raised to North African parents. She's a poet, writer, movement artist and actor. Her influences come from spoken word and contemporary circus, music, visual art and lived experience. Her style has truth and theatre at the heart. Sana has created work for film, theatre and radio. A true cross artist and maker of raw, bold, innovative, experimental and poignant art. She is a playing up graduate from NYT and Roundhouse poetry collective alumni. She has professionally developed, collaborated and worked with several places such as: National Youth Theatre, National Theatre, Middle Child, East London dance, Roundhouse, Spid Theatre, Shubbak festival, Grand Junction, Camden inspire, Dance Xchange and more. She has been mentored by Joseph Toonga, Ceo of PDT and grand junction Neil Johnston, and arts emergency. Her movement is unique and contains her own style of dance language. It holds influences from hip hop and modern dance. Trained with roundhouse, national theatre youth studios, avant garde dance and Ben Fury. Sana has worked and created work for film, theatre and radio. Her work is raw honest challenges boundaries and perception and out of the box, Physically and emotionally.

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    “British theatre would be completely stymied without tiny, under-resourced venues such as CPT, which are a critical part of the theatre ecology.”

    Lyn Gardner Stagedoor