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  • Peyvand Sadeghian


    Peyvand works across stage and screen as an actor, has extensive experience as a collaborator working with other companies, and is an emerging artist leading on her own projects. With performance at the core, they’re evolving a multi-disciplinary practice encompassing text, movement, puppetry, stop motion animation, film and digital technology. The child of an immigrant and refugee, London-born & bred, yet not born British, Peyvand sits at an intersection between colonised and coloniser. Their work is informed by real-world research, geopolitics, social theory and lived experience. Embracing an approach that is inquisitive, and responsive, she seeks to make work for a similarly curious audience. Believing in the communal act of theatre to root us in the present, and offer the potential for exchange - Peyvand invites an audience to engage, invigorate and proximate.

    Peyvand was a member of the National Youth Theatre GB, and studied BA Drama & Theatre Arts (hons) at Goldsmiths College, University of London. 

    Work as a maker includes : The Clearance (Tamasha Playwrights), Restless (Terrifying Women monologue commission), Uprising (MENA Arts short film commission), Dual دوگانه (Vault Festival 2020 Show of the Week award)

    Theatre credits include: Pinocchio (Unicorn Theatre), Rich Kids: A History of Shopping Malls in Tehran (Fringe First award 2019), I Have a Mouth and I Will Scream (Vault Festival People’s Choice award 2018)

    Screen credits include: Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story (Shondalanbd/Netflix), The Power (Amazon Studios), Reggie Yate’s debut feature Pirates (Netflix), Moon Knight (Marvel/Disney +)

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    Ali Wright

    Dual دوگانه

    Tue 19 Sep - Sat 23 Sep at 7pm
    ‘Joy, terror, mess, and fun.’ Award-winning show on the precariousness of being a British-Iranian, the value of passports and how to “do” a revolution. Features puppets, drag and Pedar.

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