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  • Kurtis Lincoln


    As a performance artist and writer, Lincoln’s practice operates at the intersection of fine art and camp pantomimes. Juxtaposing historic and contemporary iconography to explore themes of; personal transformation through ritualistic or sexual practices, collective identities and shared joy. He deploys humour and audience participation to create uncanny realities and charged environments, wherein both the performer and audience contribute to space and place-making. Language plays a vital role in their creative output – often hybridising multiple colloquial tongues, that belong to the various cultures he operates within. This hybridisation not only creates a warped collage of his own class and sexuality, but also acts as a study into the etymology of counter cultures.

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    Posted: 13-05-2022 Tag: news

    Meet our Seed Commission Artists 2022

    CPT announces Seed Commissioned Artists for 2022

    Thank you for allowing artists to take creative risks, the world needs it now more than ever.

    Programmed artist