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  • Elise Gilbert


    Emerging theatre maker and actor, Elise Gilbert incorporates a multidisciplinary approach to her work. Combining film-making, musical composition and makeup artistry, Elise’s work is inspired by her autobiography, queerness and feminism. She is passionate about challenging societal norms and creating queer spaces throughout her practice.

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    Elise Gilbert
    Elise Gilbert presents

    Bad Jokes about Men

    Tue 31 May - Wed 1 Jun at 7.15pm
    Bad jokes, dad jokes, tragically sad jokes…so why is everyone laughing? In this beautifully chaotic production, Elise journals her way into the realisation that it was not ‘just a joke.’

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    "CPT is as a beacon of fringe goodness, a theatre that champions diversity, inclusivity and the best kind of weird uniqueness"