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  • Call-Out: Calm Down, Dear 2022 (Curated by Figs in Wigs)

    Image: Rosie Collins

    From May 24 – June 11, 2022 Camden People’s Theatre will present the ninth Calm Down, Dear festival of feminism. This unique three-week celebration of innovative feminist performance – featuring some of the UK’s most exciting artists – is a highlight of the independent theatre calendar.

    For the first time EVER, CPT has decided to bring in a guest curator, and it’s FIGS IN WIGS, who funnily enough, performed at the very first Calm Down, Dear back in 2013 with their first professional theatre show We, Object.

    Calm Down, Dear is looking for work that is:

    • New
    • Politically/formally radical
    • Devised, self-made
    • Feminist

    What Figs in Wigs are particularly excited about:

    • Collaboration
    • Genre bending
    • Humour
    • Visually spectacular work

    We welcome and encourage applications from individuals without formal education/artist training and/or who identify as:

    • Deaf and/or disabled
    • Neurodiverse
    • Working-class, benefit class, criminal class and/or underclass
    • Global majority*
    • Migrant
    • LGBTQ+

    *This includes people of Black Caribbean, Black African, South Asian, East Asian, South East Asian, Middle Eastern, Arab, Latinx, Jewish, Romany and Irish Traveller heritage.

    We’re mainly looking for finished pieces suitable for a studio theatre. But there will be scratch nights in the festival, so we do welcome applicants who wish to show a work-in-progress performance – please specify this on your application.

    And please bear in mind, Calm Down, Dear is unlikely to consider ‘plays’ as traditionally understood; formally conventional work; straight monologues; or work made according to the usual writer-director-actor hierarchies.

    What Artists Get

    • 60/40 box office split (in artist's favour)
    • Marketing support (inclusion in CPT's newsletter and social media)
    • Technical support and an operator
    • Professional development opportunities through workshops and 1-to-1 sessions with CPT Marketing Manager and Technical Manager
    • Networking opportunities with other artists in the festival

    We are also considering pairing emerging artists with an established artist in a funded speed-making process. If you would consider yourself emerging, and would like to be considered, please indicate on your application.

    How to Apply

    • Read full call-out for submissions (standard and LARGE print available at the bottom)
    • Complete an application form
    • We can also accept video applications (via transfer or a dropbox link). If you would like to submit your application in any other format please email artists@cptheatre.co.uk to discuss this further

    Deadline to apply: Wednesday 16 February at 10am

    Calm Down Dear Call Out - LARGE PRINT
    Calm Down Dear Call Out - Standard

    "It is precisely these types of projects, involving these types of people, in these types of theatres that make London what it is."

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